Q. How Should I Wash My Waterproof Garment?

Always follow the care symbols on the inner label when washing your jacket. It is advised that you use pure soap such as a non-detergent cleaner when washing your Dare 2b waterproof garment. Avoid use of biological washing powders or fabric conditioners as these may leave a residue that could affect the breathability of your garment and de-activate the water repellant finish.

Q. How Do I Remove Stains?

Avoid using a commercial stain remover to erase stains, as the waterproof coating on your Dare 2b jacket is NOT resistant to chemicals. Treat your garment as directed on the care label. This method may not remove oil and grease, but using a stain-removing product or biological washing powder may cause your garment to degrade.

Q. Do I Really Nee To Reproof My Garment?

Reproofing your garment on a regular basis enhances its technical performance. Every time the jacket is washed as directed on the care label, it should also be re-proofed.

Q. What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Waterproof Jacket?

Remember that all Dare 2b Ared garments are guaranteed to be windproof, waterproof and breathable for 3 years. Given that you choose the correct garment for your activity and it is properly maintained, you should expect to enjoy your jacket long after its guarantee has expired.

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