AEP Kinematics

AEP Kinematics analyses the body's points of motion during athletic performance. Each garment is designed specifically for each activity enhancing agility and power.

Precision design to deliver power, agility and enhanced performance. Dictionary Definition: The branch of mechanics that deals with pure motion. AEP Kinematics analyses the body’s points of motion during athletic performance to shape the garment to each specific sport. Combining an ergonomic fit with design features, such as 360° stretch and strategic articulation allows for a full unrestricted range of movement.

Biomotion Reflective Technology

Placement of retro-respective trims to optimise wearer visibility over long distances.

The concept of biomotion is to emphasize motion of the wearer by adding reflectives on moveable joints to increase the chance of road users recognising the wearer as a human and not an object. Reflective placement differs between cyclists and runners, a cyclist leans forward exposing the top of the shoulder to oncoming traffic whilst runners remain upright meaning and reflective is further forward or back on the shoulder.

Endo Thermic Performance

Products designed to keep the body at optimum temperature while active in cold weather.

Advanced active wear to regulate body temperature and maintain optimal performance. Endothermic performance wear is designed to keep the body at optimum temperature when the weather gets cold. With a range of garments offering different levels of insulation and breathability suit the temperature and activity. The insulating properties of the garments are down to their ability to trap the air between the body and garment. By trapping different amounts of air each garment can offer a different level of insulation. By using different methods to trap the air such as wool and down each garment has a specific purpose that can work on its own or in combination with other ETP garments. Down jackets provide the best insulation per unit weight making them the perfect choice when the temperature drops. The higher the fill power the more volume it will fill without increasing the weight. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water and breathes better. By absorbing and releasing the moisture the wool keeps the body warm without feeling wet. This is useful when performing in a warmer environment or to a higher level of exertion where sweat may be present.


Revolutionary waterproof and breathable concept giving greater comfort and extreme performance.

A revolutionary one piece high performance, waterproof, breathable upper. The upper of the shoe also contains a PU coated space mesh upper which give it advanced abrasion resistance and is lined and cushioned. Using a 1 piece upper means there is no need for bonding.
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